Exceptional training,
with an extraodinary reputation


Comprised of more than 30 professionals, our faculty and staff is fully committed to your development and training. You're sure to find a favorite teacher in this diverse group! Our instructors work professionally in various aspects of their field, and bring their expertise and knowledge into the classroom.


Our Staff


All members of our staff work as a team to ensure the studio is run in a highly efficient and well-organized manner. From program administrators to event coordinators, GN employs only dedicated individuals who love what they do, and whose primary goal is to support our growth and vitality.


Our Visionaries


In 2003, Groove Nation was developed out of the passion that Beau and his wife Rose had; to inspire young people using a positive outlet of expression, such as dance, to develop them into leaders by building their confidence and self-esteem, and to serve their community in areas that were needed. Together, as Beau and Rose serve this vision that God put in their hearts, they have also inspired many to do the same!

Groove Nation founders,  Beau and Rose Sem.


Beau Sem, founder and creative director of Groove Nation Music and Dance Academy, as well as other performing dance companies. He started his training as a young dancer, in the urban streets and clubs of Portland and Las Vegas…before Hip Hop dance became mainstream in the studios.

With over 25 years of dance experience, Beau has become a teacher to the teachers. His choreography style has been described as entertaining, innovative, and inspirational, and he is considered one of the pioneers and leaders within the industry. His creativity, originality and technique has awarded him numerous awards, and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for his work.

From master classes and in depth intensives, to competition adjudications, Beau is highly sought after for his coaching style, expertise, and ability to connect and inspire dancers of all ages and skill levels. His passion is evident, consistent, and above expectation!

Beau has also served as a leader and adviser for many organizations. With a childhood background as a refugee of Cambodia, and the troubling teen years he spent in street gangs, he began with an endeavor to help young people like himself find their self-worth and value in who they are, while discovering their passion in life. He has now turned this “endeavor” into his life mission; to not only to equip individuals with the tools needed to overcome adversities, but to also enable them to stay ahead of the game, by teaching ways to thrive in the midst of misfortunes and still develop the core person within.

As a spokesperson, Beau has been invited to speak at press conferences, youth and church events, juvenile detention centers, and various community organization meetings.  He has been featured several times by local media, and has been awarded the “Most Accomplished & under 40” award by the Vancouver Business Journal.


Our Facility

Groove Nation is one of largest studios in the Portland Metro Area.  We have over 20,000 square feet of dance space and music rooms, and can accommodate a variety of parties and events in our spacious event center.

Our high-energy facility includes:

7 dance studios, 6 music rooms, and 1 large 3200sqft venue space.
Each dance studio is equipped with high-tech sound system, DJ lights for fun atmosphere, viewing windows and cameras in rooms for safety and parent observation, and floating dance floors to prevent injury.

Our spacious lobby has FREE WIFI, and is a great place to visit with friends or work from your laptop.
For dancers who have breaks in between classes, we have a student STUDY HALL AREA to do homework.
Siblings can also have fun while they are waiting in their own special KIDS PLAY ROOM, filled with toys, books and games!

Our parking lot is HUGE designed to easily drop off kids without congestion, and we are conveniently located near grocery stores and coffee shops so you can run errands while the kids are at dance!

Groove Nation Facts:

  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Founders: Beau and Rose Sem
  • Enrollment: 500+
  • Years Competing: 15- Platinum Gold Winners, FDA Judges Choice Awards, Studio Awards, Choreography Awards
  • Secret of Our Success:  High standards for excellence, dedication and commitment to the craft of choice, genuine love for young people and a passion to see them become leaders.  This along with our amazing instructors and dedicated dance parents working together, to see young artists rise up as leaders and become positive force in their community.
  • Favorite Saying: “Great success picks up where others left off”

Our Non-Profit 


Our New Groove Mentorship Program  is a 501C3, non-profit program committed to "inspire and equip ordinary kids into becoming tomorrow's community leaders, by utilizing their passion for the arts, providing key leadership training, and cultivating a safe environment for growth, we show them how to use their gifts to serve the world around them".

Since one of the highest influence in our culture is our entertainment industry, kids are learning behaviors and beliefs that are detrimental to their lives.  Our response to this?  Teach kids leadership and life skills that put them on a path to success, at an early age.

new groove team.jpg

NEW GROOVE'S response to this challenge is based on extensive research, which concludes that children ALSO involved in the arts:

• Consistently outscore those with low exposure to the arts.

• Are 25% more likely to feel satisfied with themselves and eight times more likely to win awards for academic achievement over those students who are involved in sports, academic activities and community service programs

• Are 31% more likely to continue education after high school

• Are better citizens (confident, considerate pro-social, and pro-civic).

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