Registration / Payments

1.  Print Out Liability/ Registration Form 2013-2014- and bring to 1st day of class.2.  Print Out 2014-2015 ALL SCHOOL CALENDAR– review and keep for your records.
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ENROLLMENTS: We offer open enrollment  year-round. Please call to start your 15 Day money back guarantee trial period!   (To withdraw, you will need to fill out a 30-day written notice.)




  1. Decide on a class (classes menu)
  2. Read, Print and sign Policies (bring to 1st day of class; information tab)
  3.  Call us to register or register online to pay for tuition and fees. 360-699-7150




ANNUAL REGISTRATION AND SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE COSTUME FEES: Registration fee is $35 and the Showcase Performance Fee (includes costume) is $60.  (Students enrolling after March, may not participate in the showcase, therefore this fee will be waived).



TUITION:  (See Tuition Schedule)  Tuition is the monthly rate processed electronically on your credit card. Tuition remains the same each month regardless of attendance, school closures, or holidays, and is always due on or before the 25th of the month prior. Late/NSF fees ($25) are assessed if cards are not processed on time.